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Specific CPD-XL Puppy Large & Giant Breed

Provides Growth and Skeletal support along with immune, skin and joint support
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Large and giant breeds have very special needs when it comes to nutrition.
Many large and giant breed puppies are predisposed to grow too fast resulting in a range of problems in later life – and the wrong sort of nutrition can worsen that.
SPECIFIC™ Large and giant breed puppy food is formulated with moderate energy and calcium content to support the development of healthy joints and skeleton and reduce the risk of accelerated growth or weight gain.

For large breed puppies over 25kg adult weight.

Why choose Puppy Large & Giant Breed?
It has reduced calcium levels, adjusted for the needs of large and giant breeds.

Moderate energy levels to control rate of growth and help prevent obesity.
It contains high levels of Omega-3 from fish supporting brain and eye development and development of healthy coat, skin and joints.
Added beta glucans from yeast to support the immune system.
Added psyllium husk absorbs water, firming up stools and helping your dog's digestion

Feeding Guidelines

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Nutrient Info

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Packaging Size: 4kg, 12kg


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