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Specific Omega Plus Support Dog

Immune Support, Recovery Support, Heart Support, Skin and Coat Support.
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SPECIFIC™ Omega plus support has the highest levels of Omega-3 fish oils of all SPECIFIC™ products.
Omega plus support is the ideal product to support dogs with skin conditions caused by environmental allergens as well as providing valuable support for dogs with, joint, heart and kidney issues.

For adult dogs suffering from allergies and for general health.

Why choose Omega Plus Support?
It has uniquely high in levels of Omega-3 fish oils – at levels that will really benefit their skin.

Multiple nutrients to support the immune system including Omega-3 fish oils; beta-glucans from yeast and increased levels of zinc, selenium and arginine.
Provides your dog with additional heart support – L-carnitine and taurine added to support of the heart muscle function and lower sodium level reduces water retention supporting normal blood pressure, in combination with the high levels of Omega-3 this diet can provide support for dogs with reduced heart function.
High levels of Omega-3 combined with enhanced levels of vitamin A, E and B complex, zinc and selenium can support healthy coat and skin.
It is packed under nitrogen to preserve the precious and fragile Omega-3 fish oils.

Feeding Guidelines

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Nutrient Info

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Packaging Size:

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