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Specific Food Allergy Management Cat

High digestibility suitable for all ages. Contains rice - gluten free and low allergenicity
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SPECIFICâ„¢ hydrolysed food allergen management is a complete dry food designed to help cats with food sensitivities and allergies. Contains a limited number of ingredients and hydrolysed proteins making it less likely to cause an allergic reaction. Hydrolysation cuts the protein molecules cut into very small pieces making them too small to trigger a reaction.

For adult cats with food allergies.


Why choose the hydrolysed Food Allergen Management?
Hydrolysed salmon and rice are ingredients less likely to trigger an allergic reaction.


Contains increased levels of Vitamin A, E and B complex and zinc and selenium to support and strengthen the skin, providing greater protection against environmental allergens.

Feeding Guidelines

Cat Allergen 1


Nutrient Info

Cat Allergen 2


Packaging Sizes

4x400g 2kg


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