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Exceed with Calcium

To supplement Ca requirements of pregnancy and lactation.

For use on whelping bitches/nursing queens in order to supplement Ca requirements of pregnancy and lactation.

What is Exceed with Calcium?
Exceed with Calcium is a liquid calcium feed supplement, with the added
benefit of Vitamin D to aid the absorption of calcium. It is a milky white solution of colloidal characteristics.
Which animal species can benefit from its use?
Dogs (and puppies), cats (and kittens)
How does it work?
Calcium is an essential nutrient which can help to:
- Promote healthy bone growth and structure in developing young animals
- Maintain and regulate the metabolic rate of an animal when it goes into labour
- Keep animals in top condition
Note: The presence of vitamin D in the mixture facilitates the uptake/absorption of calcium in the animal's body.
How is it used?
The liquid should be added to water, milk or feed
What are the dosage rates?
Puppies/Dogs 1ml per 2kg bodyweight per day
Pregnant bitches 1ml per 2kg bodyweight per day
Whelping bitches 1ml per 1kg bodyweight per day
Kittens/Cats 0.5ml per 2kg bodyweight per day
Nursing queen 0.5ml per 1kg bodyweight per day
I want to use Exceed with Calcium on litters of puppies and kittens. How do I ensure that each animal receives the required dose?
You will need to separate your puppies or kittens, so that each individual
animal receives the correct dosage. One option is to pour the required amount for one puppy/kitten into a bowl, and mix in a small amount of any appetising foodstuff; milk replacer or meat, for example. Stay with your puppy or kitten, to make sure the entire contents of the bowl have been eaten, and repeat the procedure with the rest of the litter.
Liquid Calcium and Vitamin D Supplement

Available in 250ml and 1L

Product Codes: 89809 / 89810


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