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Our solution for oily, dry and flaky skins


DOUXO® Sebum balancing, hydrates and moisturises oily, dry and flaky skins.
Maintains the skin barrier. Minimises unpleasant odour.

DOUXO® Seb contains: Soothex®, Fomblin® and phytosphingosine.

Sebum balancing

Balances skin microflora

Soothes and hydrates

Maintains the skin barrier

DOUXO® - Balances sebum whilst hydrating:

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DOUXO® S3 Seb Shampoo

External use. Wet the coat with warm water. Apply, massage and leave to act for 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing. Avoid the eyes. Repeat if necessary. One pump for 2 kg, double the application rate for animals with long and/or thick fur.

How to wash my pet who has skin problems? See the video.

Use every 3 days.

Available in 200ml



DOUXO® S3 Seb Mousse

External use. Apply to a dry, brushed coat. Dispense 1 or 2 pump(s) onto the hand and massage through the coat so that the mousse penetrates to the skin. Repeat this action all over the body, avoiding the eyes and mouth. Do not rinse. Let air dry. Brush for a shiny coat. Can also be used alongside DOUXO® S3 SEB Shampoo if you need to clean the skin.

How To:

Watch the video.

Use every 3 days. For maintenance, can be used only once a week.




DOUXO® Seb Spot-on
Quick and simple
For weekly application or as necessary.
Part the hair and apply contents of pipette directly onto the skin.
The contents of one pipette can be applied to several areas.
Can be applied into the ear after cleansing.
Contents of pipette can be used for three days once opened.

Apply ½ pipette directly onto one ear, repeat for the opposite ear




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