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Foot bath solution

Hoofmix is specially developed for hoof baths and is used as alternative for formalin and copper sulphate. By using Hoofmix the risk of infection can be reduced.

What to expect
– Still effective at low temperatures
– Safe for user and animals

When to use
– Can be used in every hoof bath

How to use
A base dosis of 3% hoofmix is advised, however depending on how severe the infection is the dose can be adjusted to a range between 2-5% Hoofmix. It is desirable to use Hoofmix per 14 to 21 days, whereby it is important that the footbath has sufficient volume (min. 150L, measures min. 200 x 80 x 12 cm). In addition, the content of the footbath needs to be refreshed after maximal 150 crossings.


Available in 20 litre


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