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Exolium Skin Protection Spray

Antibiotic-free skin spray

What is Exolium®
Exolium® Skin protection spray is an extremely effective, antibiotic free skin care spray for animals.
The immediate effect of Exolium® is due to its unique composition based on copper and zinc chelates.
These minerals can be easily absorbed by the skin and the particles penetrate fast and deep.

Next to that Exolium® forms a protective layer on the skin against external influences. This layer has a strong
adhesion ensuring a long contact time of Exolium® and is oxygen permeable which supports the natural process of skin repair.

When to use?
– During and after hoof trimming
– On thick heels and pressure sores
– After ear- and tail biting with pigs
– After dehorning of calves
– On other lesions or irritations of the skin

Exolium® is available in an innovative 200 ml spray can based on air pressure. Because of this the spray
is not only antibiotic and propellant free, but it sprays in all positions, even upside down.
Next to a great ease of use, this also ensures you of a safe and environmentally friendly product.

200 ml spray can.


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