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Exolium Hoofgel

The original hoof care gel

What is Exolium® Hoofgel
Exolium® Hoofgel is the original hoofcare gel. Used for individual application after hoof trimming. Exolium® Hoofgel has an optimal adhesion for maximum protection.

What to expect
Easy applicable after hoof trimming
– Maximal protection
– Maximal adhesion
– Perfect spreadability
– Highly concentrated
– Economic in use
– Still works after contact with manure
– Antibiotic free

When to use
– After hoof trimming

How to use
Apply a covering layer of Exolium® Hoofgel onto the hoof and within the interdigital space. Leave the Exolium® Hoofgel on for a few minutes. In case of severe polluted hooves tape the claw in. Leave the tape for five days and remove it afterwards. Apply again a layer of Exolium® Hoofgel onto the claw for optimal results.


Available in 150ml & 300ml


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