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Rehydion Gel

Rehydration treatment of scour

Indicated for beef and dairy calves.
An oral rehydration treatment that can be added to milk, with guaranteed milk clotting.
Overcomes the need for the calf to be removed from milk when treated for calf scour.
Has faster, guaranteed milk clotting and helps to maintain a lower abomasal pH.
Its high palatability and efficient dilution in milk allows weight gain to continue, even in cases of severe scour.
Rehydion Gel® has a high Strong Ion Difference (SID) (75mmol/l), which effectively suppresses acidosis.
In beef and dairy systems the product is timesaving and convenient. It minimises stress as it can be given neat, meaning there is no need for the calf to be separated from the dam.
Rehydion Gel® is fast to mix by simply shaking the hand-held bottle. The consistency of the product makes it easier to use the clever squeeze bottle.
One bottle contains 320ml which is enough for 8 calf feeds or 160 feeds for lambs. The distinctive yellow top also acts as a handy measuring cap.
Rehydion Gel® comes in packs of 12 bottles.

Click here to read Interchem's information sheet on Rehydion.


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