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Broditop Pasta

Pasta - 0.005% Brodifacoum

Broditop® is a chronic anticoagulant rodenticide against rats and mice.

It is available in a range of formulations including:
· Whole wheat formulations using high quality de-husked wheat
· Compressed blocks
· Pasta sachets

All formulations of the bait are ready to use, containing the second generation anticoagulant rodenticide Brodifacoum and are especially formulated with taste adjuvants for the control of rats and mice for both indoor and outdoor use.

Broditop® has a number of key features:
It has been blended with feeding enhancers and mould inhibitors
It contains human taste deterrent and dye
The whole wheat is treated to prevent germination

Broditop® Pasta:
Broditop® Pasta can be employed both for generic treatments and for specific rat elimination of wet places, sewers, watercourses, civil buildings, warehouses, canals, etc.
Available in 500 g, 1 kg & 5 kg
Product Codes: 89533 / 89534 / 89530


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