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Insect repellent

Flying insects are a real nuisance for both horse and rider. They upset the rider’s comfort and the horse’s concentration, and may have health implications: stress, allergies (sweet itch), larval infections, etc.
FLYMAX is the ideal solution to eliminate these problems. Its formulation ensures:
• A double barrier of protection to repel insects. Flymax is eff ective
immediately and long-term against  ies, mosquitos, horse flies, ticks, forest fl ies, midges and other external parasites in the horse’s environment.
• Optimal product adherence guaranteed by its novel formulation.
• Easy to use given its fl uidity, silent multi-jet applicator spray and pleasant odour.
Instructions for use:
Ready-to-use liquid. Shake well before use.
Reckon on 30 to 40 sprays for each application, to properly moisten all surfaces exposed to insects. Repeat the application every 2 days during the first week. Continue to apply the spray periodically as needed. A bottle allows about 25 applications.
Adjust the jet size desired by turning the applicator tip. FLYMAX does not stain, stick or leave any residual odour. Not to be used on cats.
The formula does not contain any doping ingredient.
1 litre spray bottle – (EAN 3401144942237).
400 ml spray bottle – (EAN 3401198669654).


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