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Hoof Biotine

Hoof, coat and mane health

Hoof Biotine helps the horse maintain healthy hooves and can be used to supplement treatments in case of navicular disease or laminitis
Horn regrowth: D-Biotin, copper and zinc, allow the synthesis of the constituents of the horn. The most recent research recommends a daily intake of 20 mg of biotin for several months in order to maintain horn regrowth.
Horn solidity: the resistance of the proteins making up the horn is reinforced by the supply of sulfur (MSM, cystine and methionine) and amino acids.
Skin health: supply of vitamin A, niacin, pantothenic acid and folic acid.
Internal microcirculation of the hoof: supply of Ginkgo biloba, chrysanthellum, arginine, anise and hawthorn. The improvement of blood  ow allows an optimal and immediate supply of essential nutrients and oxygenation of the tissues.
Available in a 1 kg box and a 12kg barrel.


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