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Immuno RS

Immune System Boost

ImmunoRS provide global immune support to horses undergoing stress such as trainings and competitions as well as convalescent or weak horses.
Horses are vulnerable to viruses, bacteria and parasites. These attacks have an impact on equine health as a whole and of course on sporting performance. Preventive action can be taken prior to these attacks thanks to the immunonutrition approach, and AUDEVARD have selected micronutrients with proven immunostimulant characteristics.
IMMUNO RS® (Response Stimulation) supports all aspects of the immune system:
• Stimulation of both innate and acquired immunity mechanisms, with echinacea, spirulina, glutamine and symbiotic.
• Maintenance of the integrity of natural defence barriers such as the intestinal mucosa with an exclusive symbiotic (patented probiotics and prebiotics).
• Boosting antioxidant status: vitamins A, C and E, zinc, Selplex®.
Selplex® (a bioavailable form of selenium) has a reinforced action through nutrigenomic effects.
Available in a 1 kg box


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