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Ekymash Booster

Intestinal support

EKYMASH BOOSTER has been specially formulated for horses su ering from digestive conditions. After all digestive illnesses, in addition to the aetiological treatment, efficient digestive function and suitable hydration must be maintained.
A comprehensive formulation based on plants and minerals known for their properties:
• Laxative action: psyllium fibres and ispaghula extracts
• Calming eff ect: thyme phenols, peppermint menthol and protopine extracted from fumewort
• Stabilisation of the intestinal fl ora: FOS (fructo-oligosaccharides)
• Rehydration: rich in electrolytes in complement to oral or parenteral water uptake
• Fortifying action: magnesium for heart muscle support.
EKYMASH BOOSTER is used on convalescent horses in the context of the treatment prescribed by the veterinarian, or on horses with an identified digestive tract sensitivity.
Available in a 1L bottle


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