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Ekygard Flash

Gastric wall protection

EKYGARD FLASH is an innovative gel, specially formulated to protect the horse from excess gastric acid. Once administered, the gel lines the gastric wall and releases 3 components that serve to maintain the stomach integrity.
• Protects the gastric wall: bicarbonates help increase the local gastric pH. Althaea o cinalis extracts generate mucilage serving to reinforce the gel’s adherence for a prolonged effect.
• Promotes cell renewal: EKYGARD FLASH is the fi rst equine product to use the properties of hyaluronic acid in terms of healing. Many studies* have highlighted its biological and mechanical effectiveness in the healing of wounds. Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of connective tissue, intervening in all stages of the healing process.
It is used in the protection of the stomach wall during situations of stress that provoke gastric hyperacidity.
Available in a 60 ml syringe 


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