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Gastric wall protection

In horses, the gastric mucosa is often affected by the highly acidic environment of the stomach, particularly during exercise or when the animal is stressed. Acidity may affect the horse's quality of life, its ability to absorb food and, of course, its performance. These critical periods therefore require specific nutritional support
EKYGARD is a nutritional support formulated by AUDEVARD Laboratories. It is designed to provide nutritional support for horses with gastric problems.
EKYGARD has been supporting horse's gastric comfort for over 10 years. Its comprehensive formula contains clay, pectin, lecithin and lithothamnion, while pre- and probiotics balance the  ora. Extracts of Aloe Vera and Althaea o cinalis complete the plant content, along with fenugreek, which is regarded as horses' favourite plant and optimises feed intake.

2.4 kg box. Sufficient for up to 30 days' use in adult horses and two months' use in foals.
6 kg tub. Sufficient for up to 75 days' use in adult horses and 150 days' use in foals.
14 kg barrel. Sufficient for up to six months' use in adult horses and one year's use in foals. 


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