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Bonutron Stud

Balance and growth of foals, unborn and up to 1 year

Mineral feed developed for mares and foals.
- Nutritional balance
- Optimised growth
BALANCE: 8 vitamins, minerals and trace elements to make up for natural deffi ciencies present in the feed and the mare’s milk.
PERFORMANCE: 17 ingredients
• Skeleton and joint growth: calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D3, copper, zinc (optimal Zn/Cu ratio = 3.4) and Royal Jelly proteins.
• Nervous system growth: vitamins B1, B2, B6 and omega-3 acids.
• Muscle tissues growth: choline, lysine, vitamin B12, iron, manganese.
• Stronger antioxidant action to protect the mare’s and foal’s bodies:
SELPLEX® nutrigenomic selenium, vitamins A, C and E and manganese
Daily supplement for:
• Mares in gestation and nursing mares.
• Foals up to one year old.
Instructions for use:
One level scoop = 50 g.
• Mare at the start of pregnancy: 50 g per day
• Mare in the last 3 months of pregnancy and lactating mare: 100 g per day
• 2 to 6-month old foal: 30 g per day
• 6 to 12-month old foal: 50 g per day
1.5 kg bucket – (EAN - 3401147416094). Sufficient for up to 30 days of usage.
3 kg box – (EAN - 3515657458489). Sufficient for up to 100 days of usage.
20 kg barrel – (EAN - 3515657458472). Sufficient for up to 666 days of usage.


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