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Bonutron Start

Food supplement for the new-born foal

The new-born foal is vulnerable. Its digestive and nervous systems, bones and muscles have still not fully developed, so it is important to be vigilant against the development of diseases.
The BIONUTRON START formula has been specially developed for this purpose: to protect neonatal foals from external threats and to allow its optimal growth.
– Antioxidant and nervous system stimulant.
– Protection of the digestive mucosa: limits the risk of diarrhoea.
– Osteo-articular and muscular development.

Instructions for use:
Administer a whole syringe into the foal’s mouth from birth. BIONUTRON START is an apple-flavoured gel, enticing for the foal so as to facilitate administration.
It is recommended that 3 syringes be administered during the first week (D1, D3 and D7). If necessary, administration can be repeated weekly for 2 months, at the rate of one syringe per week.
Nevertheless, for stubborn foals, BIONUTRON START can, as a jelly, be applied onto the mare’s teats. The foal will ingest the product whilst suckling its mother.
15 ml syringe 


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