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Interchem (Ireland) Ltd are pleased to announce that they are now stockists of the full Botanica range in Ireland.

Botanica is a unique combination of natural herbal ingredients blended to make a soothing antiseptic wash, suitable for both human and animal use.


Botanica products are all anti-septic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial. Botanica washes and creams are used widely on all forms of animals from dairy cows to zoo animals.


For more information please contact your area representative or give us a call at the office number 01 451 8959. 


Interchem (Ireland) Ltd hosted a CPD business development conference for veterinary practice managers called "Unlock your practices true potential" with Vet Dynamics in Nass on May17th 2017. Vet Dynamics speaker, Alan Robinson talked about the rising tide opportunity for veterinary practices over the next 10 years based on the curretns upturn of the Irish economy.


The 70 practice managers and owners who attended the event provided interesting interaction using a live electronic poll. Some interesting feedback from the attendees showed that 41% of practices say profit after paying fixed and variable costs is 5-10%. 60% are striving to position their practices as value and relationship add service. The biggest challenge from the audience is scale-ability and economics of the vet practice. 60% of vets are working in a red busy zone, not working efficiently or smartly.


Interchem are offering a 40% discount on the Vet Dynamics Platinum 2 year programme aimed at mentoring practices to shift their business model to take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead if rolled out effectively. The programme provides professional coaching with regular planning sessions in a small group setting to help veterinary practices achieve their goals.


If you would like further information on this programme, contact your local territory manager or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Rehydion Gel, Ideal for Suckler Farmers


Pictured Elaine McElearney, Practice Manager at Jim O’Gorman Veterinary Practice in Co. Monaghan



O’Gorman’s veterinary practice in Monaghan services 50:50 suckler and dairy farms. Practice Manager Elaine McElearney is an advocate for Rehydion Gel as she sees the merits with using Rehydion Gel particularly on suckler farms.

Elaine goes onto say “Rehydion Gel is ideal for sucker farmers. After dosing the calf, she stays with the cow so the maternal bond can be maintained. As there’s no separation, it prevents what could be a very stressful situation for the cow, calf and farmer. If the calf had to be taken away, its heartache for everyone especially the farmer who has to separate the animals and milk the distressed cow by hand”.

The calves are still digesting milk so they’re not losing out on getting antibodies, nutrition or energy for weight gain plus they get the immediate benefit of electrolytes, so best of both worlds, allowing calves to reach their true potential”.

A Rehydion Gel bottle contains 320ml which is enough for 8 calf feeds. The distinctive yellow top also acts as a handy measuring cap. Elaine says “Farmers find the measuring cap very handy. And as there’s no mixing, there’s no fuss for the farmer, plus calves find it very palatable. You can feed it by suckler or throw it into the milk for the dairy calves.” “It’s great value dosing 2 calves for 2 days. Cost doesn’t come into it with our farmers as you get what you pay for. I always recommend it to farmers as first line.”

Rehydion Gel is an oral rehydration treatment that can be added to milk, with guaranteed milk clotting. Rehydion Gel stops dehydration and lines the stomach. It overcomes the need for the calf to be removed from milk when treated for calf scour.
Rehydion Gel is faster, guaranteed milk clotting and helps to maintain a lower abomasal pH. Its high palatability and efficient dilution in milk allows weight gain to continue, even in cases of severe scour.

Liam Holton, Interchem Eastern Territory Manager says “Continued milk feeding also aids gut healing and provides natural antimicrobial actions and Animal Health Ireland recommends that nutritional scour calves are not deprived of milk.” Rehydion Gel is available from vets, farm supply shops, Agri-merchants and Co-ops. Rehydion Gel is distributed by Interchem Ireland Limited. 

Cattle vet and top dairy farmer swears by Rehydion Gel

rsz john moore

Cattle vet and top performing dairy farmer, John Moore, swears by Rehydion Gel. Not only does he recommend it to his dairy and suckler farmer clients, he also uses it on his own dairy herd.

To achieve his dairy optimum performance, John is selective about the products and medicines he uses on his dairy herd. He started using Rehydion Gel 2 years ago and is very happy with it.  John says

“I’ve high standards on my farm and only use quality products that are guaranteed to work. I know that Rehydion Gel will do the job and I don’t have to deal with the issues that result with scour.”

John comes from the renowned pig and dairy Moore farming family near Croghan near Tullamore, Co. Offaly. John has a herd of 50 milking pedigree Holstein highly genetically merited cows. He runs a high input, high output system and uses a robotic milking system. 

John supplies liquid milk and has mostly autumn calving. John feeds 2.5 tonne/cow and averages 9,500 litres of milk per cow. He has quality milk with 3.6% fat and 3.2% protein and with the current good milk price, his costs are coming in at 28 cent per liter of milk.  John runs a different system from the norm and says that over a 5 year period, the high input, high output system balances out the same as a grass based system if done right. John focuses on optimum fertility and milk performance. 

John goes onto say “Rehydion Gel has the huge advantage of having the calf stay on milk, just as nature intended. Calves continue to thrive even in the recovery stage plus there’s minimum stress for everyone”. 

John adds “I find it very easy to use. The self-measuring fill is a great idea. Just 2 fills and there’s no mix up on what you use. I just put it in the water and it mixes very well”. 

“I also use Rehydion Gel in the water when weaning calves. It provides an ideal buffer, prevent acidosis and maintain, the electrolyte and fluid levels, required at weaning time”.

Rehydion gel is market leader in oral rehydration in calves. It overcomes the need for the calf to be removed from milk by being treated for scour. Rehydion Gel has a high Strong Ion Difference (SID) which effectively suppresses acidosis. Rehydion Gel corrects the acidosis, and leaves the stomach PH level low enough, to allow the milk to clot, and be digested by the calf. The gel can be added to milk but does not inhibit milk clotting. In beef and dairy systems, the product is time saving, convenient and minimizes stress as it can be given neat and there’s no need for the calf to be separated from the dam. One bottle of Rehydion Gel contains 320ml makes up 16 litre’s of solution enough for 2 calves for 2 days.

Using Rehydion Gel means we can keep scouring calves on milk


John Traynor, Dunmoe, Navan, Co. Meath

  • John Traynor farms in partnership with his brother and runs a busy mixed farm in the Boyne Valley in Dunmoe. Milking 60 cows on an Autumn/Spring calving system plus growing cereals means that the workload is busy all year round.
  • Calf rearing is a critical area on the farm, we don’t need any setbacks. That's why we use Rehydion Gel to treat calves that may show signs of scour. It's very effective, and quick to use, at the first sign of scour I add 40 ml into the milk for 3-4 feeds and within 2 days the calf is flying again. 
  • I never have any set back in performance, which is the key. I used to use other products that needed mixing in warm water and I had to run back and forward to the dairy, now I just have the bottle on stand by and I can dose straight into the milk at the first sign of scour.
  • The electrolyte can be used in milk, and is quick and handy. According to AHI the best way to treat scour was to use something that worked with milk.
  • We supply Lakeland dairies and we need to ensure we have quality replacements heifers coming through, The farm is averaging 1400 gallons and we try to breed a good solid cow, not too extreme.  We rear all the calves and use AI and a stock bull.  The animal’s comfort is key on this farm; all animals including the cows are on straw bedded sheds. 

2016 Young Farmer of the Year and 2015 Nuffield Scholar believes in Rehydion Gel

Kevin Moran Young Farmer

Kevin Moran Western Winner of the Young Farmer of the Year 2016 – Photo credit Farmers Journal

Kevin Moran, a 22 year old dairy farmer, 2013 Teagasc/FBD student of the year and current 2015 Nuffield Scholar, milks 110 cows in Co. Galway. His cows are all spring calving, starting from early February to match production with grass growth. His turnout date is 5th February and mean calving date is 23rd February. Kevin is always focusing on improving efficiency, and sees the two biggest drivers going forward as the six week calving rate and tonnes of dry matter utilised per hectare. Kevin’s farm stocking rate is 2.7LU/Ha. and he utilised 10.8 tonnes of dry matter per hectare for 2014.

Kevin’s drive for efficiency on his farm was recognised by the prestigious Nuffield Scholarship, a life changing opportunity for Kevin. The Nuffield Scholarship is awarded to a select few, typically agricultural sector leaders and innovators of the future, to develop them into effective leaders that will promote positive change in the agriculture industry.

Calving is a busy time for Kevin. He pays particular attention to ensuring that every

calf is fed 3 litres of colostrum within 1 hour of birth. Heifer calves will get 3 feeds of colostrum within 24 to 36 hours. Making sure calves drink sufficient quality colostrum goes a long way to getting them off to a good start and avoiding most scours. Calves are fed a good quality milk replacer and have access to hay and adlib water. Kevin says “Having a bad outbreak of scours would be devastating, not just on the finances but also with the stress it puts on everyone and the lost ground on average daily live weight gain. We’ve had no nutritional scours since we’ve been using Rehydion Gel and any indication of scours is kept at bay before it hits hard. The real benefit of Rehydion Gel is that it allows us to keep the calves on their food. In my experience, taking them off their milk is detrimental, and things only go downhill from there.”

Kevin goes onto say “Rehydion Gel works wonders if given at the early stage of

nutritional scours. If I see a hint of a calf being off colour, they are put on 

Rehydion Gel without delay. If you catch it early they are usually right after a day.”

Rehydion Gel can be administered in a number of ways; directly to milk, using a throat syringe or, in sucklers can be administered neat down the throat from the bottle in 40ml doses twice daily for 2 days. Calves can be kept on milk as Rehydion Gel doesn’t inhibit milk clotting and indeed aids digestion. Plus with no need to separate the calf from its dam, it is the ideal solution to help calves recover rapidly from scours with little disturbance to their routine and that of the whole calving system.

Kevin continues “Efficiency is key to running my dairy herd system going forward and we need as little disturbance as possible. I always have a few bottles of Rehydion Gel at the ready. It’s an essential product now for me during the calving period. It’s amazing stuff. Starving a sick animal was never the ideal situation. I’m delighted to have found a product which can be fed diluted in milk or milk powder. A sick calf gets the immediate benefit of electrolytes in the gel yet still has milk as source of energy for weight gain.”

Kevin ensures all heifer calves reach their genetic potential; all calves are weaned

from milk at 120kg and eating 2kg of meal. Kevin’s weaning management is determined by weight not age.

Kevin is supplying to Aurivo Co-op who are sponsoring his Nuffield Scholarship where he will visit South America, Australia, New Zealand, France and South Africa.

Kevin is also a focus famer under Aurivo’s farm profitability programme. Kevin first heard about Rehydion Gel from his local Aurivo Homeland Store.Jonathan Clarke, Interchem/PharVet’s Western Territory Manager says “Continued milk feeding also aids gut healing and provides natural antimicrobial actions and Animal Health Ireland recommends that nutritional scour calves are not deprived of milk.”

Rehydion Gel is available from vets, farm supply shops, Agri-merchants and Co-ops.

Rehydion Gel is distributed by Interchem Ireland Limited.


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