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Interchem (Ireland) Ltd has acquired the exclusive distribution of Precision Microbes in Ireland. Precision Microbes is a unique liquid probiotic and postbiotic for pets, ruminants, horses and pigs. This innovative new product is approved by the department of agriculture. It is available exclusively through the Veterinary channel,  the product range delivers excellent results in supporting gut stabilisation, well-being and performance.

In a recent survey1, 85% of vets said they know that the gut is important in the overall health of animals. However only 40% of vets knew that 70% of immunity is gut based2.

To coincide  with the launch of Precision Microbes, Interchem are pleased to roll out an educational initiative called the Microbes Academy, the objective is to provide high quality and relevant knowledge around the microbiome and the importance of a healthy gut with CPD webinars, lunch and learns, WhatsApp Microbes, in Minutes video series and an industry Microbes Movement event coming in the Autumn.

Pat O’Callaghan, Interchem says ‘As the veterinary industry are finding ways to reduce antibiotic usage, it is never more important to consider alternative options to maximise animal health and performance. That’s why we are very excited about this really innovative range of veterinary exclusive products’.

Precision Microbes is an Irish Biotech company based in Dublin which specialises in the production of proprietary probiotic & postbiotic products for humans, animal care and plants. Precision Microbes is working at the highest level globally with microbes, microflora and probiotics.


1. Interchem customer survey (2021). Data available upon request

2. Gut Microbiota and Immune System Interactions (2020) Yoo. J. et al)


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